Sunday, August 31, 2014

ST Intros: meet Margaret!


I'm a member of the Anderson MOPS Craft Team this year! 
I've been on the Anderson MOPS Steering Team for several years...
I love serving MOPS mamas & I NEED the friendships & support of other ST members.
We're like a family!
I have three kiddos - Caleb (age 6), Cooper (age 4) & Lucas (age almost 1). 
The last book I read was "The Artist's Daughter" by Alexandra Kuykendall...
YES, I recommend it!
My favorite books are the Hunger Game & Twilight series &
anything by Nicholas Sparks.
My fav movies include "You've Got Mail," "Steel Magnolias" & "Tommy Boy."
My fav restaurant is California Dreaming! I get the house salad & potato soup with a croissant.
The last song I sang was "Let It Go."
Loudly, of course!
In the last week, I've learned that
God wants us to serve shoulder to shoulder as we face OUTWARD.
If I had 2 hours of unexpected free time, I'd take a nap, watch Downton Abbey or read.
My favorite time of day is naptime & bedtime.
Do I need to explain why? :)
I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar.
Craziest thing I've ever done?
I climbed out of a moving vehicle to ride on the hood...
& by "moving," I mean 45 miles per hour!
My favorite dessert is salty & sweet combo, like peanut butter & chocolate.
My favorite thing about MOPS?
My husband is in ministry & MOPS gives me a circle of support
outside of our church where I can be myself & have my own "thing"

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