dues info

Did you know that each of our MOPS meetings cost an average of $800?

I know. I had no idea either.

We don't actually spend $800 per meeting... but if you add up all of our operating costs throughout the year & divide the entire amount by 9 meetings, it comes to $800 per meeting.

Our goal is to find the perfect balance of trimming the budget, keeping our members' expenses minimal,  fundraising, & still having fabulous meetings. This is a conversation that we always kinda dread because let's be honest... we're moms. We have kids & families & lots of financial responsibilities. Most (if not all) of us are on a limited budget, so we know how precious those dollars are, & we want you to be in the know regarding MOPS money. So here's the scoop...

2017-18 Annual Dues = $80
(Breakdown: $31.95 to MOPS Int'l + the remainder for local dues)

We have two options to make dues as painless as possible:

PAYMENT OPTION 1: Pay per Year.  Pay $80 now & get it over with. This covers everything for the entire year & you don't have to worry about it again until next September! 
PAYMENT OPTION 2: Pay per Semester.  Pay $40 now & $40 again in January.

Now I've put myself in your (very cute, I'm sure) shoes & asked myself what I would ask me if I were you. 
  • When is my money due? How do I pay? Your dues can also be paid at our first meeting on Sept 14th, or the second meeting in Oct. Please pay via cash or check made out to Anderson MOPS. 
  • Why are dues higher than last year? MOPS International raised its membership prices this year. In order to pay our childcare workers and make your meeting experience as awesome as possible, we had to adjust our dues accordingly.
  • Why do we have to pay dues to MOPS International?In order to maintain our charter as a chapter of MOPS International, we are required to pay dues for each member of Anderson MOPS. This means to be a member of our local MOPS group, every member MUST join MOPS Int'l. We want to comply with MOPS Int'l standards to be of integrity as well as to support the ministry that MOPS does, both in Anderson & around the world. Encouraging & equipping moms is important work & MOPS Int'l is one of the best organizations around working to accomplish that goal! Beside supporting moms worldwide, you will also receive a bunch of goodies with your MOPS Int'l membership!! 
  • What do my local dues pay for?
    • awesome childcare! you can drop your kiddo off & know that for the next 2 hours, they're going to be perfectly fine & safe & happy
    • creative activities... we'll be making super-cute & meaningful crafts every other month, as well as serving other moms in our Anderson community
    • fabulous giveaways & prizes at each meeting!
    • meeting supplies... handouts, kitchen supplies, childcare supplies & curriculum, thank you gifts for speakers, awesome centerpieces, & more!
  • What if I really want to join Anderson MOPS, but my family just can't afford it?We will be so glad to work with you... please don't let money be the reason you don't join MOPS! We have modified payment plans, as well as partial & full scholarships available. Please contact our Treasurer, Elizabeth Kunkel, for an application.