Our MOPPETS childcare program is so excited to have the privilege of caring for your kiddos while you're in the MOPS meetings! While in MOPPETS, your child(ren) will have the opportunity to play with other children, learn a Bible-based lesson, enjoy snacks, sing songs & complete fun crafts.


Pamela Schult, MOPPETS Coordinator
Crystal Morris, Room Manager
Jenine Addison, Room Manager
Jen Wells, Curriculum Manager


Each MOPPETS classroom is staffed with a Room Leader & a team of childcare workers. Children are divided into classes based on age. Our MOPPETS classrooms are as follows:
  1. "The Very Hungry Caterpillars" -- ages 8 weeks* to 12 months
    *Children younger than 8 weeks are welcome to stay with you in the MOPS meetings.
  2. "The Itsy Bitsy Spiders" -- age 1
  3. "The Runaway Bunnies" -- age 2
  4. "Where the Wild Things Are" -- ages 3 & up
If you feel your child would be better served by a class that doesn't match his or her age group, please talk to our MOPPETS staff & we'll be happy to work with you! We want your child to love their time in MOPPETS!

MOPPETS Enrollment

In order to best serve your children & keep class sizes manageable, our MOPPETS space is limited. We ask that your children be pre-registered in MOPPETS before they attend so that your child's place is reserved. Indicate each child you wish to enroll on your enrollment form. Enrollment is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Click HERE to register your child online.


Check-in time is 8:45am. As you enter the Boulevard Christian Activities Center building, please sign your child into the appropriate class at the welcome desk. Fill out a name tag with your child's name & any special instructions (ex. allergies, dietary restrictions) & stick the name tag on your child's back. Please make sure that all belongings are labeled with your child's name.

* If your child is in the "Wild Things" classroom (ages 3+), please put a large label on the front of their shirt with first name only. This is in addition to the security label on their back.

Our MOPPETS classrooms for babies, 1- & 2-year-olds are on the second floor. Ages 3 & up are in the gymnasium on the main floor. Our MOPPETS staff will be available to answer any questions. 

MOPPETS Policies

  • 10-Minute Rule: If your child has been crying for 10 minutes, a member of our MOPPETS staff will come notify you. At that point, you can evaluate what is best for your child & choose whether to allow your child to remain in the classroom. If you choose for your child to remain in the classroom & he/she continues crying for an additional 10 minutes, we will ask you to intervene.
  • Labeling: Please label ALL your child's belongings before you arrive. Please don't bring toys, as MOPS cannot be responsible if they are damaged or lost. If your child needs to bring a favorite "lovey," please make sure it's labeled. If you forget to label your child's belongings, our MOPPETS staff may use a sticker label with your child's name.
  • Beverages: We do not provide beverages in MOPPETS. If you would like your child to have a drink, please bring one. Only clear juice (such as apple juice) or water is allowed in sippy cups. Please don't bring milk or dark-colored beverages in your child's cup.
  • Snacks: Snacks will be provided during each MOPPETS meeting. If your child has a special diet, please bring a snack for him/her, indicate this under the "Special Instructions" section of your child's name tag, & tell the Room Leader when dropping your child off in the classroom. 
  • Potty Training: If your child is potty-trained & will be attending one of our younger classrooms, please indicate it on the MOPPETS sign-in sheet & under "Special Instructions" on your child's nametag. Please also tell your child's Room Leader. If your child is not FULLY potty-trained, please put your child in a pull-up or diaper during the MOPS meetings. "Fully potty-trained" means NO accidents.
  • Diapers: Please use disposable diapers during the MOPS meetings & bring an adequate supply for the morning. 
  • Bottles: If your child will need a bottle during the MOPS meeting, please prepare it before dropping your child off. Also provide detailed feeding instructions to the Room Leader when you drop off your child in the classroom. 
  • Discipline: As mothers, we're all familiar with the spirited behavior of children & our MOPPETS program embraces this. In order for all children to enjoy a loving & safe environment, however, we do have a Discipline Policy available upon request.
  • Medication & Sickness: MOPPETS staff does not dispense medication (including Tylenol) to children. You may come to your child's classroom & give medication if necessary.

    Please do not bring your child to MOPPETS if they have any of the following symptoms. If your child experiences any of these during the meeting, you'll be notified & your child will be removed from the MOPPETS classroom. 
      1. Fever of 100 degrees or higher 
      2. Vomiting during the last 24 hours
      3. Diarrhea
      4. Severe coughing
      5. Rashes or unusual spots on skin
      6. Pink-eye or abnormal eye discharge
      7. Presence of lice
      8. Any communicable disease


We want your child to have a wonderful MOPPETS experience! If you have questions or concerns about our MOPPETS program, please contact Pamela Schult, MOPPETS Coordinator.