Thursday, August 21, 2014

ST Intros: meet Sara (without an H)!

SARA (without an H)

I'm on the Anderson MOPS Finance Team this year! 
This is my 1st year on the Anderson MOPS Steering Team... I enjoyed MOPS so much during my first year that I wanted to do my part to make it enjoyable for other moms. 
I have one kiddo - Ava (age 2). 
I'm currently reading the "Game of Thrones" series. Would I recommend it? YES! But, beware, it's addictive.
My all-time favorite book is "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil."
Does "Maleficent" count as a grown-up movie? Yes, I would recommend it.
Angelina rocks as Maleficent! 
If I had 2 hours of unexpected free time,  what would I do? Easy. Sleep.
My fav restaurant is J Peter's! I usually order the blackened mahi mahi & amazing collard greens. 
The last song I sang was "Let it go. Let it go!"
Several times a day.
My childhood crush? Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Random thing I learned this week: there's an awesome network of mamas
right here in my hometown.
I function best in the morning, 
but my favorite time of day is when my little finally goes to bed & I can relax.
Yes, I take those random Facebook quizzes... all the time!
My old lady name is Myrtle & I am the Queen of Hearts. I think my color is green.
Whatever that means. 
Favorite dessert? Peach cobbler & vanilla ice cream. YUM. 
Most random thing I've ever done:
drove with a friend to Charleston to rescue a pig & delivered it to
an animal sanctuary near Columbia.
Ever ridden in a hatchback with a 200-lb pig in the back?
My favorite thing about MOPS?
The other moms, of course. The crafts are pretty great too!

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