Saturday, August 30, 2014

ST Intros: meet Amanda!


I'm a member of the Anderson MOPS Hospitality Team this year! 
This is my 1st year on the Anderson MOPS Steering Team...
last year was my first year attending MOPS & I fell in love.
Having awesome mom friends
who can share struggles, accomplishments & memories is the best!
I joined ST to become more involved in this wonderful organization!
I have two kiddos - Mattie Grace (age 2) & Mollie (age 1m). 
The last book I read was "12 Hours in 12 Weeks," a book about
getting your newborn to sleep.
Yes, I recommend it... although I have to be honest in saying
I'm not actually following it... :)
I love anything by Nicholas Sparks... LOVE the happy love stories!
I watch Frozen probably every other day & it's great... just maybe not every other day!
Romantic comedies are my favorite!
My fav restaurant is El Patron! I almost always get a beef burrito & cheese quesadilla. Oh, & definitely cheese dip or guacamole! YUM.
The last song I sang was "Jesus Loves Me." It's Mattie Grace's favorite to sing at bedtime... I sing it softly so I can hear her trying to sing it. SO sweet! 
In the last week, I've realized that I should just not even try to plan
because when it doesn't work out, I get stressed out...
take every day as it comes, especially when you have two young children.
My favorite childhood celebrity was Mariah Carey. Loved her!
I've been meaning to order my wedding pictures!! We have been married almost 4 years & I haven't even gotten my bridal portrait yet. Can we say slack?!? Ha.
My favorite time of day is 5:27pm! 
That's when the husband gets home from work. 
Weirdest thing I've ever done?
I once got on stage at a drag queen fashion show in NYC...
& no, I don't think I was supposed to :)
My favorite dessert is ice cream! I never feel bad eating a bowl of ice cream!
My fav song lyrics are:
don't worry 'bout a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright!
My favorite thing about MOPS?
the relationships for sure! You can't beat it! It's so great to have mom friends 
in the same place in their lives as you...

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