Thursday, August 28, 2014

ST Intros: meet Katie!


I'm responsible for the Anderson MOPS Records & Registration this year! 
This is my 2nd year on the Anderson MOPS Steering Team...
I joined ST to invest in the lives of other moms with little ones.
This stage of life is HARD & going through it alone isn't an option.
I'm thankful for this community of moms & look forward to serving them this year in any way that I can.
I have three kiddos - Avery (age 4), Landon (age 2) & Addilyn (age 6m).
I'm currently reading "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God"
by Lysa Terkeurst. I definitely recommend!
It's encouraging & challenging at the same time... she's a fantastic author!
My favorite restaurant is Chuy's....
it's a Mexican restaurant in Greenville. Super yum!
I like the enchiladas...
My least favorite chore in the world?
Bathrooms! especially with a newly potty-trained little boy! gross! ;)
If I had 2 hours of unexpected free time, I would definitely nap!
The worst place to be stuck waiting?
The doctor's office!... you usually have a sick child with you, or your well child is surrounded by sick ones...
My celebrity childhood crush?
Ben Affleck. 
One word... Armageddon!
In the last week, I've learned that it's way easier to let my 2-year-old son pee outside than to clean up the bathroom after him. See above comment about my most hated chore. HA!
My favorite time of day is between 1-3pm,
cause my babies are napping & I get some quiet time :) 
My fav dessert is Blue Bell ice cream. YUM!
My favorite thing about MOPS?
Walking through life with other moms with little ones! It's great to know that I'm not alone when I feel like I'm the only one who messes this up.
Anderson MOPS is a great source of encouragement for me!

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