Monday, September 1, 2014

ST Intros: meet Ashlee!


I'm a member of the Anderson MOPS Craft Team this year! 
This is my 1st year on Steering Team...
I wanted to join because I love serving others & I believe that by serving others, we can become more like Christ. 
I have four kiddos - Teigen (age 8), Jasmine (age 8), Brookelyn (age 5) & Landyn (age 2). 
The last book I read was "Jesus > Religion"... it was awesome!
My favorite books are The Twilight Saga, Of Mice & Men,
Island of the Blue Dolphin, & anything by Nicholas Sparks.
My fav movies include "A Knight's Tale," "Forest Gump," "The Notebook," "Titanic" & "Shawshank Redemption"
My fav restaurant is Carabbas! I love Italian food... my fav thing to order is
the Polo Rosa Maria. Yummm!
The last song I sang was "Let It Go." Loudly. My kids are addicted to Frozen, so if I hear "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" or "Let It Go" one more time....
I may just let it go.... right out the car window going 65.
In the last week, I've learned that Goo Gone is an 
excellent clothing stain remover... it's awesome!
My childhood celebrity crush?
John Stamos. ummmmm, loved me some Uncle Jesse. (still do... shhhh)
If I had 2 hours of unexpected free time, I'd SLEEP!! I love to sleep. I miss sleep. Oh my, & when the sheets are fresh out of the dryer?! 
My favorite time of day is bedtime. When everyone else goes to bed, I can
finally relax & enjoy a show, pee in private or take a bath.
But let's face it... by bedtime, I just want to sleep.
Something I've been meaning to do?
Clean the house. Maybe I'll get around to that one day...
Yep, I love those facebook quizzes! If all the quizzes I've taken were true, I'm Ariel, I should be married to Eric, my villain alter ego is Cruella de Vil, & my old lady name is Pearl.
My favorite thing about MOPS?
I love Anderson MOPS... it's amazing!
I have met some wonderful friends & love being in a group that loves everyone & tries to make our community better!

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