Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ST Intros: meet Becca!


I'm a member of the Anderson MOPS Outreach Team this year! 
I've been on Steering Team for several years...
because this will be my last year at MOPS, I wanted to help make it the best year yet!
I have three kiddos - Cailyn (age 10), Lydia (age 7), & Evan (age 5). 
My least favorite chore? Housework of any kind!
My (new) favorite restaurant is FOGO de CHOA in Atlanta... I recently went for the first time & it was amazing! 
The last song I sang was John Legend's "All of Me"... it's been in my head for months.
I can't get it out. Help!
If you hear me singing it, you have my permission to punch me.
In the last week, I've learned that
I can't do all that I want to do & achieve perfection... 
something always gets neglected.
(For example, if I want to read my Bible every morning, I won't get around to exercising. If I want to play with the kids & take them somewhere fun, I won't get around to cleaning the house. If I want to actually print out photographs or mail a birthday card, I'll neglect the laundry.) 
It seems that something important gets left undone everyday.
But in the end, very few of these things actually matter.
So I'm not choosing perfection... I'm choosing people & God.
Most random thing I've done? I've gone through the underground tunnels from one side of my college campus to the other. It was strange & full of
many, many creepy crawly creatures. I was into caving, so
it made perfect sense at the time. 
My favorite time of day is the morning when I drink my beloved coffee & snug with
my kids.
I would love to learn how to ballroom dance with my husband.
If I were one of the Seven Dwarfs, I would be Bashful.
My favorite thing about MOPS?
There are so many amazing women at the meetings. I enjoy meeting new moms tremendously... if I haven't met you yet, please come find me &
I'd love to get to know you!

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