Friday, May 6, 2016

Craft Tutorial: Pea Pod Pendant

We made the cutest necklaces at our last meeting!  Much like the Bird's Nest necklaces of a few years ago (click here for a link to that tutorial), these Pea Pod Pendants are personalized for each mom.  Every Pea Pod looks a little different, unique in the number and color of "peas" just as each of our families are unique!  You can choose the same number of beads as children you have, or make a pea pod with beads representing each of your family members.  And the color combinations are limitless!  It only takes a few minutes to put together a pendant that can be treasured for years. 


  • 16 - 18 inches of wire (22-26 guage)
  • Headpin
  • Split Ring
  • 6mm pearl beads (color and number of your choice)


  1. Find the center of your wire and wrap it around your headpin, tightly at the base of the pin, so that you have a piece on the left and a piece on the right of the headpin.  
  2. Slide on your beads.  The base of the pin will be the bottom of your pendant.  
  3. Working back and forth, left and right, alternate bringing the wire up the side of the beads, around the pin and then back down.  When you get to the base of the pin you will need to slide the beads up so there is room to wrap around the pin.  
  4. Hold your wire tightly to the sides of the beads, adjusting as you go, and continue going up and around, down and around, for the left and right sides of your wire.  Stay consistent with the direction you wrap your wire around the pin - it's neater!  
  5. When you are satisfied with the wrapping, clip your wires at the top of the pin leaving at least an inch if you want curly "vines".  Use the round tip of pliers to snail wrap the curly Q's.  
  6. The top of your headpin needs to be bent into a loop with pliers.  Have a second pair of hands help with this if possible.  Make a loop and twist extra wire around to hide.  
  7. Add your split ring, hang on chain, and enjoy! 

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