Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Steering Team Intros... meet Meagan!

My full name is Meagan Grand 
(aka Esmeralda)
I'm on the MOPS Hospitality team. 
I have four children -- Katie (4), Lila & Julia (3) and 
James (4 months). 
I was born in Ann Arbor, MI.
If I had two hours of kid-free time, I would read a good book!
If I could go out to dinner anywhere tonight,
I'd choose Outback.
My fav dessert is anything with chocolate & peanut butter.
I'm currently reading The Fault in Our Stars... love it! 
If I could win a lifetime supply of anything, I'd choose
money :)
Something I've learned in the last week?
The crisis ends when Christ begins.
(can't remember who to give credit to, but I didn't
come up with it on my own)
It's 8pm on Saturday night...  I'm collapsing on the couch after putting all the kids to bed.
Wait, no... I forgot. I'm nursing the baby.
My favorite thing about MOPS is all the cool chicks
I get to hang out with!

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