Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steering Team Intros... meet Brittany!

My full name is Brittany Kephart.
I'm on the MOPS Hospitality team... I'm greeting new moms & helping with MOPPETS check-in.
I have two children -- Marlee (2) and Annabelle 
(due on Turkey Day!). 
I was born in Eustis, FL.
If I had two hours of kid-free time, I would SLEEP or catch up on
my DVR shows that have been there for weeks... or maybe even months!!
If I could go out to dinner anywhere tonight?... probably
Cheese Cake Factory in Atlanta. YUUUUMMMM!
My fav dessert is chex mix & peanut m&m's mixed together in a big bowl.
The last book I read was Happiest Toddler on the Block
& Something Blue.
Last movie I saw was Great Gatsby. Would recommend all three! 
If I could win a lifetime supply of anything, I'd choose
Something I've learned in the last week?
There is sawdust in preshredded cheese.
It's 8pm on Saturday night...  I'm putting my toddler to bed.
I know, big party animal right here :)
My favorite thing about MOPS is the fellowship with other Christian moms...
because you can't do life alone!

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