Saturday, August 24, 2013

Steering Team Intros... meet Emily!

My full name is Emily Nicole Walker.
I'm on the Outreach team... I coordinate the Moms Nights Out & MOPS On The Town events, as well as help MOPS mamas find their way through our new meeting facilities! 
I have two children -- Sydney Elizabeth (2) and 
Claire Isabella (7 months). 
I was born in Ft Walton, FL.
If I had two hours of kid-free time, I would
read and eat something without hiding it.
If I could go out to dinner anywhere tonight, I'd choose Sullivan's
My fav dessert is oatmeal with chocolate chips... it sounds weird, but it's basically a bowl full of warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. YUM!
The last book I read was Baby Sleep: The Secret to Helping Your Child Sleep Through the Night.
Last movie I saw was the newest Star Trek. Yep, I'm a nerd.
If I could win a lifetime supply of anything, I'd choose milk...
unless weekly massages count as a "supply" of something. in that case, I choose massages.
Something I've learned in the last week? 
Scotland's National Animal is the Unicorn.
It's 8pm on Saturday night...  I'm spending time with family!
My favorite thing about MOPS is the opportunity to meet new moms.... & I especially like the Moms Nights Out (MNO)!

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