Thursday, January 17, 2013

embracing the camera

A while ago, Abbey shared a great article on the MOPS facebook page that really struck me... I found myself realizing how often I avoid the camera. I always have an excuse -- I'm a mess, or I don't have makeup on, or my hair's disgusting, or (& this is the most-used one here lately) I've just gotta lose some weight. Regardless of the reason, however, I often chastise my husband for not zooming in on just my daughter & I've been known to crop myself out of the finished product more than once.

This article made me think, though... what about my daughter, Rose? What about when she gets older & looks at our pictures & I'm hardly in any of them? When she sees those pics that my husband snapped despite my protests, she won't see my messy ponytail, or slouchy outfit, or extra pounds... she'll just see her mama.

I started thinking about the pictures of my mother & me that I treasure the most... which, now that my mother is gone, is pretty much all of them. My mom doesn't look like a movie star or a snazzy dresser. I know for a fact that she struggled with her weight most of her life. Yet, when I see the pictures of us, I don't see the things she probably thought of as flaws. I see her smile & how much she loved me. And I'm so very grateful that she didn't dodge the camera. Below are two of my favorites...

Here's a wonderful checklist of photo moments... it's a free printable if you feel so inclined. Get in front of the camera, ladies... this is our chance to take those pictures that our littles will treasure one day! :)

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