Monday, October 31, 2016

Mom Fail Monday, Vol. 6

Happy Halloween, MOPS mommies! My hope for you today is that your Halloween festivities will be safe, that your kids won't be too hyped up on sugar to sleep tonight, and that you find your favorite kind of candy in their bag to sneak after bedtime. Now, on to the Mom Fails... 

Rachel and the Hunger Striker

In her own words: "I've been very slack about making my youngest actually sit at the table to eat. Well the last few nights, I've been trying to get that to change. Tonight after SCREAMING for easily 15 minutes, he calmed down to watch Tom the Tow truck on my phone as he protested. His first hunger strike. Needless to say, I let him sit like that... till he decided to eat." Sounds more like a win than a fail to me, Rachel! Let's hope this is the last of the hunger strikes :)

He says, "You can't make me eat that." You say, "Oh, really?"

Tamara and the Thing They Wouldn't Possibly Play With

Try to keep from laughing when you take a look at this picture. Here's what happened: "Sent the kiddos to play in the garage and looked at that piece of Styrofoam and closed the door. Yep, I should have moved it. Baby girl was amused at my face, her brother was not."

Congratulations, Tamara, I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!

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