Monday, November 14, 2016

Mom Fail Monday, Vol. 7

The bad news? I missed "Mom Fail Monday" last week. The good news? We have not one, not two, but THREE mom fails to highlight today. Don't forget, when moms make mistakes, it only makes their families stronger. 

Margaret and the Mysterious Fruit Flies

Where were all the fruit flies in her house coming from, wondered Margaret. She was baffled- until she came across the display she had so lovingly displayed in her formal living room (you know, the room no one actually uses...)

Congratulations, Margaret! I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL! (Or human fail, as you yourself pointed out.)

Jen and the Absolutely Appalling Menu Option

The caption pretty much sums it up. 

CHICKEN??? I specifically asked for chocolate ice cream served upon a bed of cotton candy. How dare you, mom.

Heather and the Escape Artist

This kid is no joke, y'all! A mom goes to the bathroom and comes back to find she almost has a Baby Jessica situation on her hands. I second your conclusion, Heather. He's gotta join you in the bathroom with you until he's at least twelve. 

Congratulations, Heather! I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!

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