Monday, October 10, 2016

Mom Fail Monday, Vol. 4

I feel like I should reiterate the purpose of "Mom Fail Monday": not to make us feel like failures, because none of us, not one, is a failure. We do the hardest job there is, and inevitably we make mistakes. We avert our eyes for a moment. We think to ourselves, "Oh, how nice it is that the kids are playing so quietly." We have grown accustomed to walking into the next room, or looking up, and realizing just what it is that our kids have done. And hopefully, after the shock and horror wear off, we will be able to laugh. Mom Fail Monday is about resilience. It is about finding the best in a sticky (literally) situation. And us moms are pretty good at that. 

As We Prepare for Winter...

The hat makes the video.

I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!  Congratulations Jen!

Because Apparently His Mother is Starving Him

After his family had decided that dinner was over and scraped their scraps into the trashcan, little Jeremiah decided that he wasn't quite finished. I wonder if the trash can gave it that extra flavor he was looking for? I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!  Congratulations Crystal!

There's a Snake in the House... No Really, There's a Snake in the House!

Who would have thought that when listing the house rules, "Do NOT bring reptiles into the house" would be a necessary addition? I have a feeling it makes the list now...I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!  Congratulations Margaret! (And we don't blame you one bit for screaming your head off. You were 100% justified!)

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