Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get to know your Steering Team: meet Crystal!

My full name is Crystal Estes Smith.
I'm on the MOPS Hospitality team. 
I have three children -- Sarah (9), Jackson (7) and Grayson (2).  
I'm originally from here... Anderson, SC.
To relax, I love to watch HGTV... love decorating and shopping for awesome deals. I have a coupon organizer that I've been known to pull out 'cause it's fun to save money
If I could order from anywhere tonight instead of making dinner, I'd choose Thai Spice.
If I could do anything & get paid for it, I'd be an interior decorator.
Ice cream is my favorite.
One of my favorite movies is Hitch... I love comedies! Don't really watch a lot of movies though.
If my family had a soundtrack, it would be Crazy by Cee-Lo.
If I had an extra room in my house, it would be a secret room where I'd hide out from time to time.
My favorite thing about MOPS is the enjoying the different
guest speakers!

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