Friday, August 24, 2012

Get to know your Steering Team: meet Cheryl!

My full name is Cheryl Elizabeth Burns Nelson.
I'm responsible for Moppets Lessons & Crafts. 
I have seven children (ALL GIRLS!) -- Cassie (17) , Cierra (15), Cayli (13), Chloe (10), Cadence & Charis (4) and Courtney (9 months)
I was born in Augusta, GA & grew up in Seneca, SC.
To relax, I enjoy anything with my family, playdates &
Cabernet Canvas is going to be a must from now on! 
If I could order from anywhere tonight instead of making dinner, I'd choose Olive Garden
If I could do anything & get paid for it, I'd get paid to be
a stay-at-mom! 
I like sweet & salty...
Favorite movies are Gone with the Wind,
The Notebook & Fireproof.
If my family had a soundtrack, it would be something loud & crazy
If I had an extra room in my house, I'd use it for crafting & inside playdates.
My favorite thing about MOPS is EVERYTHING! The ladies are
so special to me... 


  1. What's with everyone loving the Olive Garden? I mean I don't have anything against it, but 3 out of 5 people have mentioned it.