Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get to know your Steering Team: meet Alisha!

My full name is Alisha Barrett Martin.
I'm on the MOPS Hospitality Team.
I have seven children -- Ryvers (9), Ridge (6), Birch & Bramble (3), Adler (2), and Beck & Juniper (3 months)
I'm originally from Easley, SC.
To relax, I like hiking, camping & fishing.
If I could order from anywhere tonight instead of making dinner, I'd choose Olive Garden. Dude, their portobello ravioli is sexual.
If I could do anything & get paid for it, I'd travel to remote & exotic places.
I like salty & sweet... anything dark chocolate & a bag of chips.
One of my favorite books is The Good Earth. And on the other end of the spectrum, one of my favorite movies is Dumb & Dumber
If my family had a soundtrack, it would be The Verve Pipe --
When One Became Two.
If I had an extra room in my house, I'd use it for a bedroom! Dividing seven kids between two small rooms is not cool.
My favorite thing about MOPS is the awesome ladies. Seriously, some really cool chicks come to MOPS & I love them to pieces.