Monday, August 20, 2012

Get to know your Steering Team: meet Margaret!

My full name is Margaret O'Driscoll Berry.
I'm the MOPS Coordinator. 
I have two children -- Caleb (4) and Cooper (2)
I'm originally from North Augusta, SC.
To relax, I like photographysoccer, & baking. I guess I'm a little weird in that I like cleaning my house & yard work... it's not relaxing, but I find it satisfying
If I could order from anywhere tonight instead of making dinner, I'd choose Olive Garden
If I could do anything & get paid for it, I'd bake.
I like salty & sweet. Anything with chocolate, chips & dip, peanut butter, popcorn...
Favorite recently read books are The Hunger Games.
If my family had a soundtrack, it would be the theme song for Ringling Brothers Circus
If I had an extra room in my house, I'd use it for a dedicated playroom for all the toys to live in.
My favorite thing about MOPS is being reminded that I'm not alone in my daily struggles!