Friday, April 29, 2016

April MNO & MOTT

Lots of fun this month at our Moms' Nite Out (MNO) and MOPS On The Town (MOTT)!  

MNO - Cooking class at Sonia's house

A HUGE thank you to Sonia for hosting the most delicious MNO in recent memory!  Sonia put on a 3-in-1 cooking class, demonstrating for us how to prepare 3 delectable dishes and how to use the same ingredients in multiple dishes, saving time and money!  She included lots of food prep/cooking techniques, instructions for do it yourself mixes, bargain shopping tips AND we got to EAT ALL THE FOOD.  Look for the recipes on the blog in our upcoming Tasty Tuesday installments!  And thanks again Sonia!!!

MOPS mamas gathered 'round.

Sonia shares her culinary genius
Abbey shares how to make Ramen

Jayla loves her some stir fry!
Chicken and shrimp stir fry

Shrimp and grits (with chicken and andouille sausage)
Shrimp (or fish) taco

 MOTT - Split Creek Goat Farm

It was a beautiful day for our kiddos to see the baby goats and farm animals!

Baby goats are hungry!

Mom Photo Bomb!

Consider yourselves warned!

This little gal looks delicious!
Not a future goat farmer
Our attempt at a group picture!

Making new friends

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