Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Meeting Recap: Notice Goodness

This month at MOPS we focused once again "Noticing Goodness"- a key element of flourishing fiercely!  We had a lot of fun together, listened to some inspiring words from one of our own moms and a MOPS International video, found some second hand treasures, and made the sweetest craft!  Read on for the full recap! 


This month we decided to shake it up with a couple of "Minute To Win It" style games.  Each table produced one brave volunteer and these fierce competitors put on quite a show!  Thanks to these mamas for being part of the fun!
Taylor Swift's not the only one who can Shake It Off! 

Moms prepare to Hang Loose!
Winner winner chicken dinner!




Sonia was not only the winner of the Hanging Loose game, but also shared a heartfelt devotion on Noticing Goodness and finding contentment in where you are NOW, in this present season.  Check back soon for a link to the full devotional.  Thanks so much for sharing with us Sonia!  


We enjoyed a video called Space: Eyes to See produced by MOPS International.  Hannah Flora Villio spoke to us about having a "Thankfulness Perspective", which is making the best of right now... making the best of what you have. 

She shared 3 tips to help create a home you love: 
  1. Rearrange what you already have...  Many times switching objects to different rooms can create an entirely new look and feeling.  You don't necessarily have to go out and buy more stuff!
  2. Paint can go a long way...  Whether you're painting walls or household items, paint is a cheap and easy way to breathe new life into a tired space.  
  3. Edit...  It's so easy to accumulate more than we need and live with the constant burden of clutter.  If you want to simplify and create a more relaxing environment, it might be time to get rid of some of your stuff.  Here are 3 questions to ask yourself while editing:
    • Is the item in good shape?
    • Do I love it?
    • Is it serving a function?
Hannah emphasized how important our homes are.  So much of life (good and bad) is lived in our homes... they are where we create memories and experiences with the people we love.  Make your home a place that you can be comfortable and REST in... a place that you LOVE.   


Each mom was given an opportunity to make a super cute "pea pod" necklace for this month's craft!  Moms could choose the beads (aka "peas") to represent each of their children or their whole families.  Each necklace was beautiful and unique.  Check back soon for a full tutorial on how to make these pretty pea pods!

Bath sheets are so exciting!


Special Event

In the spirit of Noticing Goodness (and in honor of Earth Day), we put on the first ever MOPS Flea Market!  The idea was simple:  Bring something that you no longer want but that others might like or find useful.  Take home something new to you... for free!  We think it was a success! 
 And believe it or not, next month is our last meeting of the 2015- 2016 year... time flies when you're having fun!!!  Be sure to join us for a year end celebration! 

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