Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Give Thanks" Burlap Panel Tutorial

This month at our meeting we made these totes adorbs burlap panels!

Each participant could choose to use stencils that said either "Give Thanks" or "Blessed" and could personalize their panel with paint and mini-banners.

Supplies needed:

We used 8x8 burlap panels from Hobby Lobby, 6 inches of twine, scrapbook paper triangles, acrylic paint, foam brushes and pre-cut stencils that said Give Thanks or Blessed.


  • Position stencil on your panel as desired and hold firmly while dabbing paint on it with color(s) of your choice.   
  • While waiting for paint to dry, create a mini banner by attaching scrapbook paper triangles to twine with hot glue.  
  • Once paint is dry, hot glue twine banner to panel.

The great thing about this craft is that you can paint anything on the burlap, with or without a stencil.  You can also get creative with the banner and add several strands, or embellish your burlap canvas in an entirely different way... with felt flowers or leaves, or ribbons/rafia, acorns, buttons, whatever!  And even though we created these burlap panels with Thanksgiving in mind, you could make a rustic treasure to enjoy for any season or all year long.

Here's a few ideas from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing...

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