Monday, November 9, 2015

Breakfast fundraiser raffle - part 2

Not only do we have that snazzy grill to raffle off, we also have some pretty & unique fall decor!  These arrangements of "pine cone zinnias" will be our centerpieces for the breakfast fundraiser and you could be lucky enough to take one home with you!  Each centerpiece was lovingly (and painstakingly - don't try these at home kids!) hand-crafted by our MOPS Steering Team, and we will be raffling off 12 of them which increases your odds of winning!  They turned out beautifully and are each one of a kind! 

We will be selling separate raffle tickets for the centerpieces, so you can buy tickets to win the grill, a centerpiece, or both!!!  Raffle tickets will be sold as follows: $1 buys 1 ticket, $5 buys 6 tickets, $20 buys 25 tickets.  

Thanks for your support and hope to see you Saturday! 

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