Monday, August 31, 2015

Steering Team Intros...

Meet Kelly!


Why ST? 
Make friendships, be more involved
Kids' names & ages? 
Brinkley 3, Zack 5, Trace 7
Favorite dessert or snack? 
Hershey almond bar
You have 2 hours of unexpected free time... what do you do? 
Cut grass or catch up on DVR TV
What have you learned in the last week? I have time to exercise and it really hurts to start from scratch. I always say that I won't take time off and start over again
Favorite celebrity when you were younger? Joey Lawrence from the TV show Blossom
If you had an all-expense-paid vacation to somewhere you've NEVER BEEN, where would you choose? New England States in the summer or Carribean Islands without kids
Favorite thing about MOPS? Friendships and the break from kids to meet other moms

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