Thursday, August 27, 2015

Steering Team Intros...

Meet Margaret!

Crafts & Service Projects

Why ST? The paycheck is amazing! (She is kidding - there is no paycheck ;) Also, I can't imagine how empty my life would seem without ST in it!
Kids' names & ages?
Caleb 7, Cooper 5, Lucas 2 
You have 2 hours of unexpected free time... what do you do?  Browse Hobby Lobby or Ross with a Starbucks frappĂ©
Favorite restaurant & menu item? Olive Garden. Gorgonzola steak Alfredo.  
Last song you sang & when? Call me, maybe during our afternoon dance party!
Least favorite chore?  Folding laundry 
Book you are reading?  Wild Things- the art of nurturing boys.
Favorite thing about MOPS?  The authenticity of the moms

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