Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Steering Team Intros...

Meet Megan!

Moppets Curriculum

Why ST? I really enjoy serving others and had such a great time last year, that I had to join again! 
Kids' names & ages?  
Caleb  8, Nathan  5, Lily  2
Last grown-up book you read & would you recommend it? I love to read anything and everything! I was kind of the nerd in high school who actually enjoyed the required reading in English and read classic novels for fun. The last book I read was The Ludwig Conspiracy by Oliver Potzsch. I liked it!
Favorite restaurant & menu item? PF Changs! I always try to order something different, but most of the time, I end up with Mongolian Beef. SO yummy!
Something you've been meaning to do or learn? Scrapbooking my kids baby photos!! I have them sorted in photo boxes and some just placed in albums, but I pretty much stopped scrapbooking once my 2nd was born. Maybe when they go off to college....
Last song you sang & when? "Let it Go" in the car with my 2 year old....As loudly as possible, of course!!
Strangest or most random thing you've done? Our orchestra took a trip to Europe my senior year of high school. One of my roommates and I ended up sleeping on the balcony in Chamonix, France because our other roommate was snoring so loud! I am not sure how cold it was, but let's just say we were in the Alps and had toured the snow capped mountains and a glacier that day. Crazy!
Favorite thing about MOPS? I love the fellowship with other mamas and the relationships that I have formed! 

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