Sunday, September 6, 2015

Steering Team Intros...

Meet Crystal! 

Moppets Team

Why ST? I had a great experience when I joined last year. You develop wonderful friendships within Steering Team and you get to see first hand all the hard work that goes into making Mops a great place for moms.
Kids' names & ages? 
-Kylie age 4
-Isaiah age 2
-Jeremiah age 2 months

Favorite time of day? Naptime! I think that is every moms favorite time of the day.
Favorite dessert or snack? Golden Oreos and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. Yes please!
You have 2 hours of unexpected free time... what do you do? SLEEP! =) I have plenty of things I would love to do with some free time but I would probably fall asleep in the middle of it lol!
Something you've been meaning to do or learn?
Learn to play my cello. 
If you had an all-expense-paid vacation to somewhere you've NEVER BEEN, where would you choose? Anywhere in Europe, but especially Ireland. Also anywhere tropical (this mommy needs a good, relaxing vacation).
Favorite thing about MOPS? Reconnecting and getting to meet new moms! You can't do life alone, especially as a mother. It's nice to know that other moms go through some of the same things as you do. It's awesome learning from each other and making lasting friendships!

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