Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is in the air!

Spring is (almost) here, people!  Here are a few fun ways to celebrate...

Need to get outside? Take the kiddos on a spring scavenger hunt! Click here to download this free printable or you can make up your own list of "signs of spring" to look for:

Or drop by Hobby Lobby & buy some super-cheap foam to make these spring window murals... your littles "paint" the back of the foam shape with water to make it stick to the window or glass door. Click here for details about the collection pictured below.  My favorite is the chick with the eggshell to "crack" out of... so cute!

Here are two little chick crafts that would be a great way to occupy your kiddos for a while... & then you'll have some springy artwork for your fridge! (For more info, click here for the chick on the right & click here for the chick on the left.)

Or use a paper plate, shredded paper & pom-poms to help your littles make a bird nest... click here for a how-to video:

Bring spring inside with this free printable banner (click here):

Or one (or two or three) of these cute free printables (see below for links):

To download the printables, clockwise:

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