Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Election Day!!

We're interrupting our regularly scheduled Tasty Tuesday to say Happy Election Day, ladies! Vote, vote, VOTE!! No, seriously. Go vote.

Today is a great day to teach our littles about what it means to vote, why voting is important & what it means to be an American. Here are a few cute little ideas that will make it fun for the kiddos (& their mama)! :)

Make a "Future Voter" button for them to wear when they accompany you to the voting booth:

For the older kids, make a ballot box out of a shoe box & let them vote on family activities/issues today... this is a fun way to help them understand how Election Day works:

And if you wanna get really ambitious & happen to have a big box on hand, make them their own kid-size voting booth:

Make patriotic cupcakes... it's a great (& tasty) way for the whole family to celebrate Election Day!

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