Saturday, November 10, 2012

November meeting recap!

Our November meeting was yesterday... so glad to see all you ladies!  Our topic was "Time Management & Scheduling." I don't know about y'all, but this is something I struggle with constantly!

We were lucky enough to have Teisha Shelby-Houston speak at our meeting. Teisha is a well-known speaker, author & radio talk show host & has been a guest on Oprah (which I personally think is kind of awesome :) ).  In a very funny & dynamic way, she shared some fabulous tips on time management & how to be our best selves as women.

Teisha Shelby-Houston speaks to a roomful of MOPS

Just a few notes from Teisha's talk:

  • Give yourself permission to rest. So often, we feel guilty about resting... we're lying on the couch with the baby, watching the toddler play & listening to our older child read their school assignment, & yet we still feel guilty for not getting up & DOING something. Teisha urges us to give ourselves permission to rest, because only when we're well-rested can we meet our full potential as moms, partners & women.
  • Put healthy food in your body. Instead of focusing on a diet or weight loss, focus on eating foods that give you energy. Go for vegetables, fruits & drinking water, while cutting back on the processed foods, snacks & soda.... your energy will increase dramatically & make you feel much less run down. 
  • Declutter a little every day. Having to search & search for everything is not only exhausting, but it wears down our self-esteem. Having an organized, clutter-free home helps makes our brains feel a little less "cluttered"!
  • Teach the kids to help. It's easy to get into the habit of cleaning up after the kids when they're little... but as they get older, it's actually to their disadvantage if we do everything for them. Promote independence & responsibility in your kids by giving them age-appropriate tasks & holding them accountable. 
  • Understand your husband. As the roles of women have changed throughout the decades, men have had to adjust accordingly. Make an effort to understand where your husband is coming from. Have patience & take the time to see things from his perspective rather then immediately becoming annoyed or frustrated.
  • Reframe your thinking. As moms, it's sometimes easy to get into a rut & feel trapped by your family's constant need for attention. Stay calm & reframe your thinking... you are a rock star! Your children are your adoring fans, tracking your every movement. You are the center of their universe, at least for now... so revel in your rock star status!

"Remember, ladies, we are absolutely
awesome just the way we are."
-- Teisha Shelby-Houston

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