Thursday, November 29, 2012

a few Christmas ideas...

We've been battling the plague at my house, but (hopefully) seem to be on the downside... & yesterday I finally got my Christmas decorations out of the attic! So to help us all get in the spirit, here are a few cute ideas that I wanted to share. I hope you find something you like!

Click here for a tutorial for a felt Christmas tree for the kiddos! You can make a big one & tack it to the wall (or use Command strips, if you don't want holes in the walls) or make a small one for a table-top activity. Just head to Hobby Lobby & buy felt, pull out your scissors & a hot glue gun & get crafty!

Here's the wall version:

or the smaller, table-top version:

Christmas, more than maybe any other holiday, has its own wonderful smells... try a Christmas Simmer Pot to keep your house smelling festive! Throw in a few oranges &/or lemons, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, bay leaves, & cloves... basically anything that smells good & simmer it on low to give your house a wonderful smell of the season. You can refrigerate & reuse several times.

And here's one of my favorite ideas... Do your kids like "The Polar Express"? Rose is still too young this year, but I know a few people with older kiddos who are doing this completely free & super-fun activity. Create your own Minivan Express as a surprise for your kids one night! Click here for a complete description & printable tickets... and if you decide to do your own Minivan (or Acura or Explorer) Express, please tell us how it went!

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