Friday, September 21, 2012

only 3 weeks 'til our yard sale!

Ok, y'all, let's talk about our yard sale. It's going to be on Saturday, Oct 13th at New Covenant Church. That's only THREE WEEKS from now!! We're officially starting at 8am, but we'll be there at 7:30 to catch the early birds.

This is one of our major fundraisers for the year, so we really, REALLY need stuff to sell! Furniture, appliances (that work), knick-knacks, clothing, kitchen goodies -- we're taking it all. And please ask your friends too!  Talk to your families, coworkers, churches, facebook friends, book club, whoever... just about everyone has at least a few things that they'd like to get rid of.

Crystal has kindly offered her garage to store the items until the sale, so you have three options. Either:

  1. Bring your yard sale goodies to the MOPS meeting on Thurs, Oct 11th;
  2. Drop your stuff off at Crystal's house (I'm not putting Crystal's address on the blog for obvious reasons, but email/text/facebook-message a Steering Team member & we'll share). or
  3. Contact a ST member & we'll figure out how to collect it from you.

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