Monday, September 24, 2012

getting crafty: dry erase frames

The dry erase frames we made at September's MOPS meeting were a huge hit, thanks to Abbey, Crafter Extraordinaire... the moms seemed to love them & they are a great gift idea as well!

So here's the tutorial if you'd like to make your own & can't quite remember the details:

  1. Collect your materials:
    • picture frame (any size... Target has a ton on clearance right now, & Dollar Tree usually has cute ones as well)
    • cute scrapbook paper
    • optional: vinyl cut stickers to add words, scrapbook embellishments, paper with a prompt printed on it like "To Do List" or "Today I love you because..."
    • dry erase marker
  2. Take your picture frame apart & make sure the scrapbook paper is the right size. You may need to cut it to fit the frame.
  3. Add any extras like stickers, words, inserts, etc
  4. Put frame back together & you're done!
You'll find these little dry erase frames all over blogs & pinterest... there are so many uses for them! Here are just a few of my favs:

Weekly Menu Planner (click here for post):

Grocery list (click here for post):

Super-cute gift for kids, teenagers, college students, etc! (click here for post)

And my personal favorite! (yep, the one I made :))

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  1. I loved the craft and went to Target and got the frames 3 for $1.78. I am going to make teachers gifts.


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