Monday, September 19, 2016

Mom Fail Monday, Vol. 1

One of the best things about MOPS is that we are a group of real moms. Our children are real: they're messy, they're loud, they wipe their snot on our clothes and sometimes embarrass us. And when we do something embarrassing ourselves, we aren't too perfect to admit it. To promote continued honesty, openness, and- most importantly- humor in our group, we are inaugurating "Mom Fail Monday", a place to reveal our true, imperfect selves, to share, laugh off our mistakes, and promise that it will never, EVER happen again. Even though we know it will.

Katie and the No Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Cereal

Child is found eating cereal. Mom did not serve child cereal. Mom realizes that child has retrieved her sibling's cereal - from several hours ago - from the sink and is now eating soggy Cap'n Crunch. I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!  Congratulations Katie!

Crystal and the Climber

Really, does anything else need to be said about this? The cutest babies are always the bad ones... they know they can get away with it. I certify this an OFFICIAL MOPS MOM FAIL!  Congratulations Crystal!

Do you have a Mom Fail you'd like to share with MOPS? Email pictures to See you next Monday!

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