Monday, April 22, 2013

getting crafty: spring burlap wreaths

For our craft this past month, we made burlap wreaths. SO cute. And so versatile... just change the embellishments to fit every season!

I didn't get a good pic during the meeting this month (& mine's not example-worthy), but here's a wreath that's very similar to the ones we made minus the ribbon hanger:

Here's the tutorial for making your own burlap wreath at home.

What you need:

  • a 12-inch straw or foam wreath form (this is the easy way)
  • or to make your own wreath form like Abbey did (this is the not-as-easy way), you need: 
    • 1/2 a length of pipe insulation (sold at home improvements stores. One piece of pipe insulation cost $1.18 at Home Depot & made two wreaths)
    • duct tape
  • burlap strip at least 72" long by 6" wide or longer (can be varied to fit your preferences). This is sold on a spool at craft stores, or you can buy a big piece of burlap & cut your own for a more frayed look.
  • glue gun & sticks
  • 12" length of wide ribbon for making wreath hanger
  • colored tissue paper
  • narrow ribbon to tie paper flowers
  • any other embellishments


If you're making your own wreath form, click here for a tutorial.

Once your wreath form is completed, secure one end of your burlap strip to the wreath by tucking it into a crack, hot gluing it, or tacking with a pin.

Spiral your burlap around the wreath form, wrapping it at an angle. Overlap the edges slightly so that the wreath form is completely covered. You can play with it to achieve a tightly wrapped wreath, or you can go with a looser version. If you don't like it, just unwrap & try again!

*Note: if you want your burlap to overlap more for more coverage (& aren't working on a tight MOPS budget!), use a longer strip of burlap.

After your wreath is wrapped, attach the burlap's loose end with hot glue to keep it from unraveling. You may want to fold under the end of the burlap before gluing to eliminate fraying & create a more finished look.

Decide where you want your flowers/decorations & ribbon hanger. If there's a particular area of your wreath that's not quite as pretty, the flowers can easily cover that up for ya! Hot glue the two ends of the ribbon on the inside of the wreath to form a loop for hanging.

To create tissue paper flowers like we used in our meeting, use this tutorial (but use the narrow ribbons instead of pipe-cleaners).

Once you've made & fluffed your desired number of flowers, attach them to your wreath either by tying them with the narrow ribbon or hot gluing them. If you go with tying them, you can just untie them when you're ready to change the look of your wreath!

Ideas for wreath variations:

Add a letter or monogram for a personalized touch (this wreath is for sale on etsy right now for $42... look at all that money you're saving!)

Or get creative with your embellishments... instead of just flowers, check out the nest & twigs used here. So cute!

This lovely little burlap wreath is decorated with rolled fabric rosettes (click here for tutorial) & a bunting made of scrapbook paper...

Or check out this display option... instead of hanging her wreath, this lady propped hers on a plate stand & added a mini chalkboard to the middle.

And finally, give your wreath a summer update in a month or two by adding seashells from your family's beach vacation... it's a keepsake & cute decor all rolled into one!

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