Sunday, March 10, 2013

1 week 'til St Patrick's Day!

It's one week until St Patty's Day... time for some cuteness up in here!

Treat your little ones to a breakfast of festive green milk & Lucky Charms.... & I especially love the sweet note (click here to print your own).

What preschooler's not going to love a super-spy scavenger hunt to find the pot o' gold? Use yarn & tape to create this St Patrick's Day adventure... (click here for more details):

Or check out these free printables for some (quieter) learning activities, including puzzles, coloring sheets & matching cards (click here to download):

Ask your kiddos to help you make a Lucky Rainbow Jar... layer gold coins, skittles (great color organization activity for the littles!) & marshmallows to create a colorful rainbow. Would be a great gift idea for teachers, coworkers or friends!

And no holiday, no matter how small, is complete without decorating your house! Click here for the tutorial for this shamrock tree, the burlap & green bunting, or a printable St Patrick's Day banner.

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