Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Introducing the 2017-18 MOPS Admin Team!

Free to Be...The Admin Team

Call them our President, VP, and Secretary of State... but much better-looking. These ladies devote their time and energy to the running of our organization. They don't shy away from the dirty work of getting done what needs to get done to ensure that our moms receive all the benefits that MOPS International has to offer. We are so lucky to have them leading the way to freedom, indeed this year!
Anita W.

Anita Wood

Steering Team Responsibility:  MOPS Coordinator
Ages of Children: 2 girls ages 6 & 4
I feel free when I... Focus on MY mission in life instead of the mission God has given other people.
What I'm most looking forward to about MOPS: Creating new friendships and strengthening the ones I currently have!

Elizabeth Kunkel

Steering Team Responsibility: Treasurer and Record-Keeper
Ages of Children: A 3 y.o. boy
Elizabeth K.
I feel free when I... Can get outside and enjoy God's beautiful creation with friends and family!
What I'm most looking forward to about MOPS: Meeting new moms and enjoying time with friends!

Sydney Haskett

Steering Team Responsibility: Fundraising and Steering Team Care
Ages of Children: 2 girls ages 3 & 4
I feel free when I... Get to ride in the car by myself on a cool day with the radio up and windows down.
What I'm most looking forward to about MOPS:Locking arms with other moms in the trenches as we encourage one another toward God's best for our lives...true freedom!
Sydney H.

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