Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Meeting Recap

January is a time to start anew, carrying our Advent sense of hope into the new year. Our meeting this month focused on remaining hopeful in this season of life, when mothering small children can often feel draining and difficult. This message carried through our meeting: hope is never lost when you have Jesus, but the blessing of fellowship with other parents can make a huge difference as well. 

Craft: Verse of the Week Holder

Upcoming Events:

Moms Night Out will be a game night at Sonia's house on Tuesday, 1/24 at 7:30. See our Facebook page for more details!

MOPS on the Town will be a tour of the Corner Bagel Shop on Tuesday, 1/31 at 10 a.m. 

28-Day Challenge

Anita kicked off the MOPS 28-day challenge. Each day until our next meeting we will be presented with both a Truth and a Dare. Through reflection, and by occasionally getting ourselves out of our comfort zones, we will get to know ourselves a little better during this time. When the challenge ends, be sure to have a "big event" planned- something you have been wanting to do for a while, but haven't yet acted on!


Jen W. shared with us her experience with a work friend who refused to accept help in his struggle as a single dad, and whose story ended in tragedy. She wanted to make sure that all the moms present heard her loud and clear: You do not need to do this alone. If you feel depressed, if your burden is too much to bear, tell someone. Get help. If her friend had been willing to reach out, there would have been many hands to make the load lighter. 

Guest Speaker: Charmaine Smith-Miles

Charmaine, who is nearly finished with seminary and is currently acting as Pastoral Intern at First Presbyterian Church of Anderson, wanted to focus on the theme of hope as well. She told of her first pregnancy, and the impact of learning from the doctor that "there was no heartbeat". She was tempted to lose hope of ever becoming a mother, but a priest friend was present at just the right time to remind her that we cannot place our hope in circumstances. Circumstances change, but our God is steadfast. If we place our hope in God, we will never lose hope. Fortunately, Charmaine's prayers were answered, and she now has a one-year-old son, who was able to accompany his mama to the meeting. 

Thank You to New Covenant School for providing this month's childcare, and to the following businesses for providing giveaways:

Electric City Gymnastics
Tres Chic Boutique
Brandi McCalister for providing Mud Pie welcome mats

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