Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Throwback edition

Next week at our December meeting we are having a RECIPE SWAP.  This means all our hot mamas are bringing some sort of edible item to share... some will be homemade, others will be drive-thru delicacies, but all will be DELICIOUS! 

You do not have to be some sort of culinary wonder to participate in this meeting!!!  Just bring something, ANYTHING, that we can eat!  And then enjoy some good company and good eats! 

Need some inspiration?  Well this week's Tasty Tuesday is a blast from the past.  Here are the links to our tasty dishes brought in past years to our Recipe Swap meeting.  Click the links and discover recipes for Peppermint Punch, Breakfast Casserole, Apple & Brie Toasts, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Burrito Bites, Sausage Balls, Lemon Cookies, Nutella No-Bakes and much, much, more!  Enjoy!!!

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