Thursday, September 9, 2010

The first MOPS meeting rocked the house!!!

Our first MOPS meeting was super awesome! Lots of fabulous ladies came out today for some FUN FUN FUN! Here's some of the things we did today:

1. ate delicious food
2. socialized
3. won prizes ...(pretty dang good ones, too! like facials, free car washes, Chick-Fil-A gift certificates...)
4. got away from our kids for 2 hours
5. ate more delicious food
6. played fun little games
7. painted a pot
8. planted pansy seeds
9. held newborn babies ♥
10. ate some more delicious food
11. heard a wonderful, heartfelt, applicable devotion
12. cleaned out our purses
13. getting away from our kids for 2 hours is worth mentioning again...

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you missed it, you need to make sure you get there next month- Thursday, October 14th, from 9-11!

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